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HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone released by pregnant women during the early stages of pregnancy. This hormone was discovered by Doctor A.T.W. Simeons around 50 years ago after observing decreasing health of the mother after child’s birth. HCG diet helps in weight loss by eliminating the unwanted body fat without compromising muscle. Obesity is widely discussed because every obese person wants to get rid of obesity by any means. In this article, we shall answer the most frequently asked questions about HCG diet.

Commonly asked questions

Mostly commonly asked questions are answered below to clarify doubts and misconceptions about HCG diet.

How much weight loss is possible?

HCG diet helps you to reduce at least one pound a day. Some HCG dieters may lose even 2-3 pounds a day.


Should I do exercise along with HCG diet?

Many people think that HCG diet alone is sufficient for weight loss. However, they do not realize that by doing exercise they can achieve better and fast results.


What can I drink while on HCG?
The only allowable drinks are water, tea, coffee and lemonade.


What are the benefits of HCG diet?
HCH diet results in very quick and apparent decrease in body fat. In addition, it has the following benefits:
• Increase in testosterone levels
• Weight reduction without affecting muscle
• Decreased cravings
• No hunger pangs or starvation since body remains naturally fulfilled
• Elimination of extra fats from the body without a tinge of hunger
• Affordable and cheaper as compared to other methods and plans
• Boosts insulin levels
• Regulates body metabolism
• According to recent studies, reduced risk of Breast cancer


Can I do this diet if I am pregnant or nursing?
It is not recommended in either case.

Can I use diet soda during the diet?

Soda can inhibit the effects of hormone so you may not get good results.

How does having a yeast infection affect me on the HCG diet?
Yeast can’t survive in an acidic environment so you can get on a pro-biotic such as acidophilus.


If I do not get to 500 calories or even close then would it affect my HCG diet?
Eat little more veggie and protein to make it up to 500 calories because it is essential for your health that you take at least 500 calories.


Can sea salt be used if canning or pickling salt is not found?
Yes, sea salt can be used to replace canning or pickling salt.


Can I have peanut butter during HCG diet?
Use of peanut butter is prohibited.


Even before the start of HCG diet, I have been using the pain medication. Should I discontinue its use during HCG diet?
There is no problem is using pain medication or any other medication with HCG diet.


Once I complete all the phases of HCG diet, is there any possibility that I might gain a weight again?
Even after the completion of HCG diet program, you will not have much appetite and it is very easy to maintain your weight even after its completion.


I don’t have much time to take proper 8 hours sleep. Can sleeping habits affect my HCG diet program?
Remember that taking 8 hours sleep will have a very positive impact on your results and diet success. Try to sleep 8 hours every night.
Can I eat beef during HCG diet?
If you want to eat beef, make sure that you eat European beef because European beef has lower fat as compared to American beef.
Can I use sun-tanning oils and products?
Sun-tanning oils and products are strictly prohibited. You can use lotions that are free of fatty substances.


Can we eat at restaurants during HCG diet?
You can eat at restaurants but this is not recommended. It is always better to avoid eating at restaurants during HCG diet program.


Can I use spices on my food?
Yes you can but you have to make sure that your spices do not contain salt or sugar.


Does HCG work for women only?
Most of the people think that since HCG is produced in pregnant women so it won’t work for men. However, HCG diet program is effective for both men and women.


Having answered most of the commonly asked questions about HCG diet, we can fairly recommend all those people who have got tired of using ineffective medications and diet plans to try HCG diet for better and faster results. However, to maximize its effects and potential, it is always advisable and recommended to add some safe and suitable “HCG drops” in your diet menu.


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