HCG Diet Explained

Introduction and background

An absolute cure for obesity was discovered almost fifty years ago by a British medical doctor. Tens of thousands of people used this simple, inexpensive, safe medical treatment and achieved miraculous, fast, and permanent weight loss. Stubborn area fat deposits melted away. Body reshaping of the hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist was so dramatic it appeared as if the patients received liposuction. This revolutionary breakthrough discovery, which permanently cures the condition of obesity, is now being encouraged and appreciated by a number of dieticians, herbalists, nutritionists and weight loss experts. It is commonly known as “HCG diet”.


What is an HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone produced in large quantities during pregnancy to ensure proper nutrients to a developing baby. HCG is what triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as energy, or “food”. It is believed to reset your metabolism and to protect your body’s good fat and keep muscle tissue from breaking down, which occurs in other low calorie diets without the use of HCG.


What is an HCG Diet?

HCG diet is a highly successful, safe and recommended diet that consists of low calorie foods that have to be taken in three phases along with the recommended HCG drops.

If someone who is not pregnant takes the HCG, what happens is that the body will still release the stored fat in the body. As there is no fetus present in the body to utilize them, the body losses the fat through elimination system in the body. The difference in this diet for those who intend to lose weight is that they do not loss any muscle in the process as the case with the other weight loss diets. This hormone works on the body so that it will release and metabolize excess fat for the release of energy to the body.


How does HCG diet act?

HCG diet works to utilize the natural hormone (HCG) in the body to help manage the fat that is stored within your body. It does this by accelerating the release of fats that are stored in the body. Usually, only during starvation and pregnancy are these stored fat released. As mentioned above, the hormone HCG is produced normally during pregnancy. The function of this hormone is to help keep the baby from starving to death in periods when the mother does not eat as a result of famine or other causes. What the HCG hormone does is to release the fat that are stored within the body and use them as food for the baby. Accordingly, if a person on very low calorie diet is given HCG, the fats stored in the body can be released. It will also work on the hypothalamus so that rather than storing fat for long term usage; it will store it as normal fat that the body requires on a day to day activity. Those that have used this diet have reported that they are not usually hungry when on this protocol, the reason being that the HCG releases the stored fat into the blood stream, it is usually equivalent to the individual having taken a very healthy fat meal.


What are HCG Drops?

HCG drops are simply homeopathic HCG drops. The homeopathic HCG is prepared in a safe manner and still in an effective manner that will allow the body to be able to heal itself. All the possible toxic effect that it might have on the human body is eliminated through a process of vigorous shaking and diluting to increase the therapeutic potency of the entire program. The production procedure has been approved by the FDA and is legal in all ramifications within the United States.


Some great benefits of using HCG Diet

Quick, effective and harmless means to have the fat burnt and the body fine-tuned.
You will not experience any form of hunger neither do you require exercise but will lose as much as 2 to 3 pounds on a daily basis.

  • No exercise needed
  • No fight against hunger
  • Long lasting effect
  • Have your metabolism reset
  • Have your body remoulded and reshaped as you desire
  • Lose weight quickly and permanently



All in all, by regularly and properly using an HCG diet with safe and recommended HCG drops, one can lose as much as 100 lbs or more. You should, however, keep in mind that men lose weight faster than women. Generally speaking men are more successful than women and can achieve the average daily weight loss. Based on the above benefits and facts, an HCG diet coupled with the recommended HCG drops is a sure way to control your appetite, lose weight and achieve your highest fitness goals within minimum timeframe, without any side effects and at a very affordable cost.

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