HCG Diet Drops – History and Background

Introduction and background

Obesity has haunted the human race for decades now and the efforts to overcome the things that cause obesity and at the same time, find a cure to reverse obesity have been running at full throttle for a very long time. This constant effort has shown a lot of different researches and they have brought to light a very wide range of potential aspects that could be a way of solving this big puzzle. But it wasn’t until the 1950s that scientists found something that showed incredible potential to turn things around for every person who was suffering from obesity. Now more than ever, there is a need for that cure and it is good to know that there is a cure available in the market at this very moment. It is known as HCG (like the hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and it is available in the form of drops which are orally administered by the person who requires them. Not only has this amazing medicine shown incredibly promising results but is also gaining very fast approval by the public. Read on and find out more about how all this came into being.

The story of HCG diet drops

Dr. ATW Simeons is the name of the pioneering researcher and endocrinologist who introduced the theory that HCG could be used for losing weight and any abnormal amount of fat on a person’s belly.

HCG is produced in the placentas of pregnant women and after studying its impact on adolescent boys who were administered with very small amounts of this hormone, there was a very clear rise in the level of testosterone. The impact was much more visible on those people who had lower testosterone levels as testosterone is a very important hormone in keeping the metabolism level of the body in check. The result was the same on all subjects; they all started to lose extra fat on their bellies. The hypothesis that Dr. Simeons presented here was that this hormone could have a positive impact on the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls all hormonal activity in the body.

The research kept on moving forward steadily as Dr. Simeons kept on trying different foods to complement the various specific amounts HCG dosage. The system was perfected and he was able to prove to everyone that if a patient was to take the dosage as specified by him and use food only as he instructed, it was possible for him or her to lose any extra belly fat. And not just lose it but actually do it at a rate much faster than that of a person who is only controlling his or her diet and exercising. Both male and female subjects were made a part of his research and it was proved that losing extra fat like this was possible for both males and females.

The initial launch of HCG was in the form of injections and since professional care wasn’t available locally relative to HCG administration in the USA where Dr. Simeons has conducted his research, people started to find professional help online to enable them to try this newly found cure for obesity. In 2008, HCG diet drops were introduced as an alternative to the injections, making it much more safe and approachable. While the approval from FDA is still nowhere to be seen, the HCG Diet Council, an organization advocating this cure professionally is helping people all over the world by overseeing their diets.


It is beyond doubt that if proper medical supervision is provided for the use of HCG diet drops, people can easily lose excess amounts of fat from their bodies in a very effective manner. The future of HCG diet pills certainly looks bright.

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