Green Leafy Vegetables And Fiber

Introduction And Background
There is probably one thing that all parents around the world agree on. Actually no, there are two things that they would agree on. Number one would be that their child does not eat healthy at all and number two would be that green leafy vegetables are the healthiest thing in the world. But who really likes green leafy vegetables? No one between the ages of five to twenty would even think of having them, unless they are vegetarians or are on a diet. And even generally, people would want to eat chicken, have a burger or a pizza with coke, turn to ice-cream rather than think about having vegetables for dinner, that too green leafy ones. However, by the end of this article, no matter what your age, you would definitely want to have them no matter what the taste. And if you are a parent, you are about to join the club of all parents world over!

The Fiber In Them
Let’s get down to the topic of this article first before discussing other benefits of green leafy vegetables. They have high fiber content and are also high in cellulose. These two things mean that you will not be having loose motions or feel constipated because your bowel movements will be fine and that shows a lot. Besides this, fiber is really good for health. It not only ensures that your digestive system is doing fine, fiber also has fewer calories and can be the gateway to your appetite suppression. If anyone is having a problem dieting or has a tough time controlling their appetite, they should eat green. Because if one eats green, they not only get fewer calories with a fuller stomach but they also get a lot of healthy nutrients too which you will read about below. But other than that, the fiber is definitely one thing to look forward to in the green leafy vegetables! Those who are diabetic should definitely think about having them because they one can have them without worrying about spikes in sugar levels or any kidney problems that could come with it.

Lose Weight!
Green leafy vegetables are amazing for weight loss. Literally, people eat them without worrying about the calories and they are not doing anything wrong either. If you’re hungry and want to suppress the appetite, have these. And have these anyway, even if you are not hungry! If you give up on sweet stuff and junk food and turn green, you will lose weight in no time!

For Healthier Life
You might have heard a lot about your skin getting more radiant and buoyant if you eat the green or you might have heard about escaping many diseases if you are in the habit of eating green. Well, this is true. They have a lot of vitamin K in it which is not only good for healing and clotting blood at wounds, as science students may have read. Your skins elasticity gets better. Not only that, you can actually escape a lot of diseases. Those who are in the habit of eating vegetables, especially the green leafy ones, are at a very low risk of developing any kind of heart disease. Their digestion is also working good so there aren’t any problems there and the kidney also does not overwork itself thus giving a good overall internal environment to the body.

Control Your Cholesterol
Cholesterol levels are a huge problem in households. There is one victim of cholesterol problems in every household at least! Well, did you know that green leafy vegetables can help lower their levels? It is true! The green binds to the bile acids which are usually left for fat digestion and are excreted from the body along with it. Cholesterol has to be used to form more bile acid since this one is being excreted and the liver utilizes it to do that. The end result of this is that cholesterol levels are reduced because they are being used up!

Protect Your Eyes
If you want to protect your eyes from light, especially at a powerful level, the carotenoids present in green leafy vegetables can help you do that. The risk of developing the disease cataract is also reduced considerably!

The B Vitamins
The B vitamins are water soluble and are not stored in the body. You need a daily dose of them. And guess which food has a lot of Vitamin Bs? You guessed it, green leafy vegetables! Your bone health also increases with it because calcium and iron are also present in them.

The Green Leafy Vegetables Are…?
This answer you might already know but just in case you don’t, the green leafy vegetables are pretty much the ones in your kitchen which you do not want to eat. Kale, Swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, collards, they are all green leafy vegetables which you should have!

The conclusion that is derived from this is that green leafy vegetables hold a lot of benefits and you should eat them rather than make faces and want something else!




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