Five Unique Facts About HCG

Introduction And Background

The HCG diet has been so well circulated in the media and the dieters circle that no one should really need an introduction to it. However, for those who are knew to the circle, the HCG diet is a diet which consists of homeopathic drops of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which triggers the metabolism of the body and enables you to lose weight. The HCG diet consists of HCG drops only and they are to be taken as instructed. This diet is not that old as it is of the twenty first century, recently gaining a lot of popularity because of its effectiveness.


Fact Number 1

The hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a naturally occurring hormone which is already present inside the body. The HCG diet works on the actions of this particular hormone as elevated levels enables the person to lose weight because the metabolism is working faster than ever. The HCG diet takes advantage of this and thus the mechanism is utilized.


Fact Number 2

The weight loss is immensely fast. This might be a little strange for people to accept as those who have used this diet have reported to lose up to seven kilograms maximum in just a week’s time. Such fast weight loss is not thought possible but with the help of the HCG diet drops, it is very much possible. The HCG diet is not being considered as the cure for obesity. Seven kilograms might be the maximum but no one loses less than three kilograms, if they have followed the proper method and the instructions. All that excessive fat is burned. This is a very unique fact about HCG. No other diet in the world can make you lose weight this fast!


Fact Number 3

The diet has no side effects. It may be hard for you to accept because with such fast weight loss and the diet not even being the natural way of dieting, there has to be some deficit left in the body after such weight loss. But no, there is none. HCG diet boasts of having absolutely no side effects and even the dieters who have used the HCG diet have supported this claim. The most a person can experience, and this too is very rare, are mild headaches. But that could be because you are eating less all of a sudden and dieting makes everyone irritable. Other than that, there are no harms that can be caused by the HCG diet.


Fact Number 4

Exercise is forbidden. I bet that brought a smile to your face. Let’s accept it, the obesity that is rising in this decade is because of the cheap fast food available and the laziness. So hearing that there is no exercise is like Christmas coming every month. The HCG diet does not let you exercise. Of course, mild walks are fine but strenuous exercises or walking for a rather long period of time is not recommended. It will hinder the weight loss process and will actually stop you from losing weight while you are on the HCG diet.


Fact Number 5

HCG diet is a diet for those people who want to lose a lot of weight only. For those who are trying to shed just a few pounds, this is not the diet. Since the HCG diet weight loss is incredibly fast and is a lot, it is not healthy for a person who doesn’t want to lose a lot of weight. It could decrease their weight well below the normal level or the thin level and no one wants that. Only those who are looking to lose more than at least ten kilograms should do the HCG diet. Otherwise, they should look for other forms of dieting or do it the natural way.


Are A Lot Of People Doing The HCG Diet?

Yes, there are various people who are doing the HCG diet. There are quite a few reviews available online from users and all of them have good things to say. It relieves a person from obesity. Think how good the diet must be for those who really needed it. This diet is slowly gaining a lot of fame and has even become the highlighted topic of TV talk shows. Oprah’s talking about it!



It is hard to diet. One has to suppress the appetite and keep exercising. The results are also slow because the natural weight loss process is slow compared to the fast effects of the HCG diet. If you are tired from dieting and feel irritable and depressed because you aren’t losing weight fast enough, turn to the HCG diet. As you see from all the facts, the uniqueness of this diet makes it special and effective.

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