Eating Few Large Meals Or Frequent Small Meals?

Introduction And Background
This debate has been going on for quite some time now and although there is no solid conclusion, people have reached a conclusion on their own, one that suits them. A dieter also faces this dilemma first and foremost before starting on their diet. Should he pick a diet which includes few large meals, probably only the three basic ones, or should he go for a diet which has frequent small meals? There are pros and cons to both situations and you’ll get to read about them in this article and then a conclusion can be derived about this debate.

The Pros Of Eating Few Large Meals
Truth be told, the pros of eating few large meals is that it is the proper way to do things. Your stomach does not bear a load frequently throughout the day and it is fixed to proper eating healthy habits such as having breakfast, lunch and dinner. And since it has been done since the beginning of time, we know that there is nothing unhealthy about it. Eating few large meals also ensures a proper check and balance to what you eat as opposed to eating frequent small meals as you have proper meals planned and you are also able to spend time with your family this way. You can also eat properly in one sitting and you don’t have to feel as if you’ve eaten a lot because seriously, these are the three most important meals of the day. It doesn’t matter really what you’ve eaten aside from that, as long as you have taken the essentials. And your body doesn’t have to undergo digestion and overwork itself after every hour. It is perfectly stable and used to the three meals a day policy, isn’t it? That’s how things were done, that’s how things are done and that’s how things would probably be done.

The Cons Of Eating Few Large Meals
The cons are there as well, next to the pros. Eating few large meals is sometimes not good because then people tend to overstuff themselves, keeping in mind that their next meal is hours later. This sometimes puts a heavy load on the stomach. Few large meals also have the tendency to creep in mind that one will have to be hungry till the next meal which can make one irritable, especially during a diet. People often tend to want to snack up in the middle of lunch and dinner or even breakfast and lunch, especially if they are of the working class. That can be a little troublesome because then people eat fully during their mealtimes but then also eat when it isn’t mealtime which can lead to extra calories, especially if one isn’t checking what they are eating.

The Pros Of Frequent Small Meals
The pros of frequent small meals are also there. For instance, eating frequent small meals means that your metabolic rate is at a good speed throughout the day. You are eating something after every two to three hours or so and that means that your body has to digest which means energy is required. What could be better than that, eat to burn fat? Metabolic rate is essential as many would know since it is likely that everyone has at least one person in their life that eats like a pig but looks like a model. It is because of their basal metabolic rate which means that they burn more calories than the average person, no matter what the routine. Frequent small meals also means that one does not feel annoyed and irritable since eating something after every few hours keeps a person happy! Frequent small meals also deals with hunger pangs quite well.

The Cons Of Frequent Small Meals
The cons, unfortunately, are also there. Eating frequent small meals means that you get into the habit of eating after a short time which is not good for health or your weight. If you can manage eating very little, then it’s well and good but who can manage to do that always. When one gets in the habit of munching away after every few hours, it becomes odder to them when they don’t so that means you are actually putting yourself in the habit of eating when having frequent small meals. Sometimes people also lose track of what they’ve eaten if they’re eating regularly which can be pretty dangerous if one is on a diet.

The conclusion that is drawn here is that eating few large meals is properly the better situation out of the two. It is the healthier way to do things and eating frequent small meals can be a little difficult to control, no? Thus, sticking to the old fashioned way is probably the best option.

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