Dieting And Constipation

Introduction And Background

Dieting is not an unhealthy habit, as long as it is done right. For example, if you are completely on an all protein diet, you will be deficit in a lot of other nutrients that are essential for the body and are probably not present in the protein rich food. They can gradually lead to health problems such as skin peeling, extensive hair loss and even easy wounding skin. Nonetheless, when you are about to diet please ensure that you have done the entire research on it and that it is a healthy one. Another thing that is experienced a lot during dieting is constipation. This can happen due to many diets and there is mostly only one reason behind it. Read on further to get yourself well acquainted with how diets are and how they cause constipation.

The Basic Reason – Low Fiber
Most of the diets pay attention to fulfilling the important nutrients but most of the people forget this very important part of the food pyramid – fiber. It is instrumental in bowel movement and is the reason why the stool has bulk in it. Without fiber in our diets, a lot of people will suffer at the hands of constipation because the bowel movement is compromised and it becomes harder to pass such hard stool. Especially those people who already face digestive problems, it is mandatory for them that if they are dieting they include fiber in their diets. Otherwise, they might as well get themselves ready for constipation!

High Protein Diets
Sometimes the fiber content is alright but you are eating too much protein whose digestion takes up most of the water from the body. If you are smart enough and keep yourself from being dehydrated like that, you have nothing to worry about. But rarely do people drink enough water so that they can adjust to it. Protein digestion takes up most of the water and for that reason, the stool hardens which is most difficult to pass out which leads to constipation. It is best that you stick to normal diets rather than going on the extreme level with one nutrient. And if you are doing the extreme than also make amendments to your body’s water content along with it.

Low Carb Diets
The same is the case with diets which are low in carbs. Although very few people would follow this kind of diet as staying completely off carbs becomes difficult. But those carbs which are good for health and have fiber content in them are generally avoided in diets. This again leads to a deficit of fiber in the diet which again leads to constipation. Again, the ideology of a good nutritious diet which is low fat comes in handy but then again, people follow what they want to follow. And again emphasis is placed on the fact that if you need to follow a high protein and low carb diet, you need to ensure that your body is getting sufficient liquid supply.

How Bad Constipation Is
Some people do not really worry about it but constipation leads to other problems in the body as well. It is the root of most digestive problems and needs to be dealt with immediately. Do not think that you are dieting for a month and can bear the problem. It is the wrong way to go about it. Constipation not only causes defects in the bowel system but also makes you irritable and in pain most of the time. Others can even develop a condition called Piles if they sit on the toilet seat for too long! Instead of going through all this trouble, why not do something to avoid it before it happens?

What To Do About Constipation?
Whether or not you are on a high protein or low carb diet, you need to take steps to compensate for that. Add fiber in your diet and do not worry about it because it passes through the body and does not give you many calories. Research about foods that have it because it is also present in green leafy vegetables which are allowed in almost every diet! Another thing you can do is to drink a lot of water and exercise. It will also improve your condition if you are facing constipation or will make you avoid it if you aren’t.

As you can see, being constipated poses a lot of problems. If you are planning to diet, first make sure it is the right one for you and if you do face constipation during it then you need to fix it by taking the measures presented to you. You need to be really careful with your body during a diet to ensure that you are not nutrition deficit in anything, especially fiber.


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