Danger Of Smoking For Body Weight

Introduction And Background
We all know that smoking is hazardous. It is even written as a warning on cigarette packs! But did you know that smoking is also hazardous for your body weight? Very few people know this actually, they only get to know about it once they have gotten into the habit of smoking. This article aims to enlighten you with how smoking can mess with your body weight and how it is dangerous not only for health but for weight purposes as well. Read this article and figure out how the body reacts once you are smoking and once you have quit smoking. You will see the adverse effects and that might help you to stay away from smoking altogether.

Smoking Makes You Gain Weight
While many might counterfeit this and claim that smoking in fact makes you reduce weight, they are somewhat right. Smoking initially does make you lose a little weight because once you smoke, your taste buds are dulled a little and that makes you not want to eat as much. But on the other hand, you are so used to having something in your hands and in your mouth that when you are not smoking, you feel like munching on something to pass the time. This is one of the major reasons as to why people gain weight while they are smoking. Another reason is the nicotine present in the cigarette. Nicotine does make you utilize more energy but research is fast moving towards how it affects insulin resistance and fat storage. This means that the more you smoke, the more prone your body becomes towards storing fat. And let’s not forget what happens after a person quits smoking. That weight gain is inevitable, as many smokers who quit would tell you.

Why Do People Gain Weight After Quitting To Smoke?
Why do people gain weight when they quit you ask? Well, they gain weight due to many factors, some of them are listed below:

  • When a person stops smoking, he or she faces a lot of withdrawal symptoms of nicotine, one of them being hunger pangs. The body always wants to feed on something and that can actually lead to a lot of binge eating and snacking up in the middle of the night which eventually leads to weight gain.
  • Sometimes, most smokers miss the feeling of holding the cigarette in their mouth and feel sort of restless that they have nothing to do. They substitute food as a cigarette which means they have a bag of chips or any other snack in their hands most of the time which again, leads to obesity.
  • Once smokers taste buds return to normal, they have this great desire for food, even more so than before. This leads to them often eating a lot and enjoying food because they missed out on it before.

How To Try And Not Gain Weight While Smoking?
Well, the best idea would be not to smoke at all but if you are a consistent smoker, the most you can do is reduce the number of cigarettes you have per day and try to exercise more. Another thing you can do is to try and eat meals regularly. Most smokers often forget mealtimes because they are smoking and when they eat, they suddenly eat a lot which increases the size of the stomach and thus increases appetite as well. Do not forget mealtimes and have a healthy breakfast instead of lighting up a smoke in the morning. This is the most helpful thing you can do for not letting yourself gain any body weight.

How To Not Gain Weight After Quitting?
The trouble with smoking is, you are in danger of increasing body weight while smoking and after smoking. After smoking, the most you can do is try and not give in to your cravings. You can snack up on something but have healthy things nearby such as fruits or perhaps vegetables which will also be instrumental in cleaning up your body’s system which might be pretty unhealthy due to all the smoking. You can try and exercise as well because that will also help immensely in keeping you healthy and busy so that you don’t feel the need to open a pack of cigarettes and help yourself to one or two of them.

The danger of smoking for body weight is very much there. You have to be very careful if you want to remain thin because you cannot quit smoking but you also have to be very careful even if you are quitting smoking and want to remain thin. This might seem a little unfair but things are going to get difficult when you take up a habit as unhealthy as smoking is!

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