Cultured vegetable diet – Can it be combined with HCG diet?

Introduction and background

For thousands of years, people preserved their food using the process of lacto-fermentation. They would chop up vegetables, add spices and salt, and submerge the entire mixture under water. They would then wait for a few days for an inexplicable magic to happen. The results were—and still are—some of the most nutritious foods on the planet: cultured vegetables. Placed in a cold environment, these vegetables will last for at least nine months, and the taste will mature with age, taking on wonderful nuanced flavors at different stages. Culturing vegetables is super easy and doesn’t require heating, boiling, or hours spent over a hot stove as canning does.


Many of you have probably never heard of lacto-fermentation. This type of preservation happens when Lactobacilli, a good bacterium found naturally on vegetables, converts the starches and sugars of the vegetables into lactic acid, a natural preservative that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Lactic acid makes the environment surrounding the food too acidic for dangerous bacteria to survive, but keeps the acid at a level in which good bacteria thrive, thus creating a powerful probiotic. Lacto-fermentation also partially digests the food, starting the process of breaking it down into its component parts and making it easier for our bodies to get the most out of it. It also unlocks additional nutrients—including enormous amounts of vitamin C—that aren’t found in the same quantities in 63 uncultured veggies. The enhanced probiotics, enzymes, and vitamins in cultured vegetables make them powerhouse foods.

Unfortunately, lacto-fermentation is one of the beneficial processes that have been pushed aside in the name of convenience. In an attempt to make foods more shelf- stable, the food industry changed the way these foods are created, destroying all that good nutrition in the process. They replaced lacto-fermentation with canning—using a vinegar brine and heat, which kills all the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and enzymes along with the vitamin C.

Because of canning, most people now eat less than optimum versions of foods that were once created through lacto-fermentation. Most sauerkrauts and pickles that you buy at the store simply don’t have the amazing health benefits of their homemade counterparts. But you can start enjoying the advantages of these foods. Some companies have actually moved back to the lacto-fermentation process, plus there’s a huge community of people who are interested in culturing their own vegetables.

When you’re looking for pickles and krauts that have been created using this old fashioned method, look for products in the refrigerator section of your health-food store and for one that does not contain vinegar. Many of them even say active cultures right on the label, so you’ll know they’re made using lacto-fermentation.

Lacto-fermentation takes ordinary vegetables and makes them even more nutritious by adding vitamins, making the vitamins more bioavailable, and supercharging them with probiotics. Plus the veggies are bubbly, fizzy, and utterly delicious! Lacto-fermentation preserves them, so they can preserve you.



One of the diets that are best compatible with cultured vegetable diet is an HCG diet and drops. If you want to lose weight fast and efficiently and yet economically and are on veggie diet, using HCG diet drops will definitely help you achieve your goal in a safe and effective manner. Furthermore, there are quite a few good HCG drops available in the market today and even online. Using them as an adjuvant with a cultured vegetable diet will bring numerous benefits for you and your loved ones. All you need to do is choose drops that come with quality, economy and other utility benefits.



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