Introduction And Background
It is not something out of the ordinary to hear that there are some proteins which are a better choice than others. We all know that about every food component. Some sugars are better in some form from a single source as compared to others. Having juices with the same carbs are in not better than the carbs we get from eating a single orange. In the same way, some proteins are better than others and we should definitely try to get them from the best of sources. This article will aim to explain why some proteins are better, how you should choose wisely and what proteins should definitely be in your list of things to eat.

Some Proteins Are Better Than Others
This has been said numerous times above but it is time to explain it to you a little further so that you can understand the concept. There are small amounts of nutrition present in every type of food. For instance, there will be carbs in vegetables as well as fiber but you will find small amounts of fat too as well as moderate amounts of proteins. Now, meat will also have all the contents but they will generally have a large amount of protein and moderate amounts of everything else. We all know that getting protein from meat is much better than getting protein from vegetables. Why is that so? Read on further to acquaint yourself with all the factors that lead to making some proteins better than others.

Why Are Some Proteins Better Than Others?
The content of proteins is what counts to make some proteins better than others. Did you know that meat contains protein which has all of the nine essential amino acids that our body badly needs? While vegetable protein also has some of the essential amino acids, it does not have all, probably only five or six. Hence, anything other than meat which does not have all of it will necessarily be an incomplete protein for you now, won’t it? Meat also have a very low amount of saturated fat which makes them ideal for good health and if you are dieting as well. You are getting the full amount of proteins but the little amount of fat, as opposed to eating something which has proteins but also high amounts of saturated fat. Thus, some proteins are better than others because they fulfill your requirement pretty neatly. Otherwise, you will be deprived of some amino acids which can have huge effects on your body.

What Proteins To Choose?
Proteins are found in almost every food but choosing what food to eat especially to get proteins is an important decision to make. So what proteins should you choose to eat? Below are a few food items you might want to consider adding to your lunch or dinner or breakfast, if you want to lead a healthy and protein-rich lifestyle that is.

  • Beans and legumes are a good option. They have a good and solid amount of protein and fiber in them and what is more interesting is that they can be used in almost anything. You can eat them cooked or baked or you can eat them in salads as well or as a main course. With beans and legumes, you can come up with more than a hundred recipes in how to actually eat them! Seasoning or spicing can also be done according to your will.
  • Meat of course, is one of the top choices of the sort of protein you should be eating. Meat is known to have the entire protein content which your body needs and maybe even more. It is not fattening and even if it does have a little fat, it is the kind of fat which is good for your body.
  • Fish is a wonderful choice to consider if you want to eat a protein meal. Fish is rich not only in protein by omega fatty acids as well. Vitamin D is also present in very large quantities in some types of fish. You should definitely think about.
  • Eggs are of course, the starters of the day. Egg white has high protein content and is often a perfect choice for breakfast because eating something protein at the start of the day keeps your hunger at bay for longer periods of time and you can easily survive till lunch time.

Although vegetables and fruits are a wonderful source of vitamins and other essential nutrients, when it comes to proteins, you should stick to the basic protein food instead of turning to foods which has protein in minorities. Since proteins are the building blocks of health and repair and growth and development in the body, you need a certain amount of protein daily. These foods are the best way to get them.

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