Body Mass Index – Is It All Good Criteria For Fitness?

Introduction And Background

Obesity is actually the most prevalent disorder that has to do with nutrition world over. No introductions are needed towards it but it is a state in which there is excess fat in the body which has been accumulated in a certain period of time. Now, how can one exactly know when one is obese? Obviously, there are certain things to go about it. You can see clearly whether or not a person is fat that is true but sometimes, when you’re only slightly overweight or slightly unfit, what is there that can compare with how you were before and how you are now? What is there that can actually decide whether or not you’re fit or unfit? There has to be some criteria, correct? Well, for obesity, it is Body Mass Index, often known as just BMI.

What Is BMI?
You probably got an idea of what it is in the introduction but to just make things a bit more clear, here is the right definition of Body Mass Index

BMI – The Obesity Index, also known as Body Mass Index, is a formula that depicts how obese a person is. It is used to assess obesity, in other words. The formula was introduced by a Belgian Mathematician Quetelet and it is used by nutritionists and doctors all over the world when they have to make a report on the obesity or fitness of a person. The formula is:


W = Weight of the person.

H = Height of the person in meters.

Is It A Good Criteria For Fitness?
World over, there are charts and flyers, especially in gyms which tell you whether you are in the right range of weight according to your age and height. Most of the people follow that chart to assess whether or not they fall into the right category of fitness. And for most people, it tells the truth and the right answer. BMI is actually a very good judge of whether or not the person is fit or overweight. It is used often for populations of a certain area or even of a certain age. It definitely tells you where you stand amongst all the others in the world and it lets you know exactly what your BMI is and how much you need to lower it to, to be of the ideal weight with your age and height.

Why The Skepticism Then…?
 A lot of people are very critical and skeptic of BMI. They think it is not a good fitness judge and it does not fall into the right criteria because it just tells you whether or not you’re overweight. It does not tell you what to do or how you became fat. Well, a news flash for everyone who is reading this; BMI was never meant to be the solution to the problem. As said before, it was just to assess how obese one was. Once you know in what range you stand, you can be the better judge on what to do about it. But BMI is not supposed to do everything for you. It just informs you of your fitness and for that it covers the perfect criteria of weight against height.

A Little About Obesity
Now that you know about BMI, you should also know a little about obesity. It can occur as a result of ingestion of food in excess to the body’s needs. The major causes of obesity include bad food habits and lack of exercise. The two are a deadly combination of gaining weight. There is an increase in the number and size of the adipocytes, in other words the fat cells of the body. An obese child also often grows up to be an obese adult. Thus, do not treat obesity lightly, even in children. Their number of adipocytes can grow as they age. There is no gene that has been declared to be one to do with obesity but the pattern is most often seen that if the parents are obese, the child is too. It could be due to the adopting food habits or the environment they all share. However, there are many ill effects of obesity which includes great risk of hypertension, diabetes, blood pressure troubles and even coronary heart disease to name a few.

Obesity is not something to be taken lightly. We all know about the harmful effects of it, physically as well as emotionally and mentally. It is socially unacceptable to be obese and one really has to work hard at weight loss. This is the dilemma that most are facing in the world today, fighting a person world war on their own. Well, calculate your BMI, figure out how fit you are and then decide on what to do about it if the results are something you won’t like.

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