Best fruits to control appetite

Introduction and background

With a number of restaurants and café everywhere, people easily get to eat what they want. Unfortunately, the food served herein restaurants, includes all the processed ingredients that contain little amount of nutrients. The upshot is obesity as an emerging problem. Most of the over weight people are overly fed but lack nutrition. Because the food they ingest holds greater number of calories and very few nutrients. However, one important step to lose weight is that of controlling appetite. The idea to lose weight by reducing appetite seems wonderful but once tried it appears as an all-uphill process. Therefore, you cannot just stop your cravings and deprive yourself of food when body demands it strongly. In order to lose weight greater help may be taken by fruits to reduce appetite. Some fruits help you control your appetite in a natural and convenient way. Apples, grape fruits, cucumber, nuts and orange fruit pulpy juice are among best appetite suppressant fruits. These fruits contain fibers that make you feel full. The soluble and insoluble fibers in fruits assist in controlling appetite by staying for long in stomach. Their easy availability is an encouraging point in taking fruits as an appetite suppressant. While these fruits help you curb your hunger, they also maintain nutrient content ensuring your overall health. In this article, benefits of these fruit as appetite suppressant are discussed.

  1. 1.    Apple

Packed with soluble, insoluble and pectin fibers apple is a perfect natural appetite suppressant. Apple ranks higher among other fruits as an appetite suppressant because it contains fibers, sugars and very low amount of fats and calories. The sugars present in apple are natural and regulate blood glucose level very well, which in turn prevent it from craving for sugars and carbohydrates intake. Whenever you feel like eating high caloric junk food just because your brain signaling that way; grab an apple and eat it. This will meet the carbohydrates requirement and makes stomach feel fuller. Apple contains a good amount of fiber that helps in regulating digestive function too. The fibers expand in your stomach leaving a reduced amount of space for any other food you take in. Consequently, you will consume less high caloric food and reduce weight. When you have consumed apple it will keep stomach feel full longer and prevents over eating.

  1. 2.    Cucumber

Cucumber, a fruit of Indian origin, now easily available throughout the world is an effective natural appetite suppressant. Rather than filling your stomachs with crackers, chips and other snacks while feeling an urge to eat, try eating cucumber that will surely help you reduce weight. Cucumber is taken with food as part of salads but it can exclusively act as an appetite suppressant. This fruit is packed with large water content that makeup for hydration loss of our body. Its pulp and seeds also fill stomach and gives a ‘full feeling’ for long. When taken with or before food it allows less consumption of dense caloric food by giving a fuller feeling. A fruit having approximately 90% water is a good choice as an appetite suppressant. Furthermore, it is also advisable to take it with its peel, if taken with the peel that is rich in dietary fiber source reduces constipation. Having a good amount of water and potassium with low sodium levels it acts as a mild diuretic agent keeping weight gain and high blood pressure in check.

  1. 3.    Grapefruit

A fruit having approximately 90% water is a good choice as an appetite suppressant. Grapefruit temporary fills stomach and gives you relief from your hunger pangs. Fibers in grapefruit add up bulk to the food and keep you away from taking in more and on the same hand. Grapefruit keeps hunger away, giving a feeling of fullness with hardly any calories. Grapefruit and its juice help digest fat, and assists bowel movement and elimination of toxins.

  1. 4.    Nuts

Many dieters avoid nuts because they are high in fat and calories, ignoring the fact that not all fats lead to body fat. They are actually good for the body. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, filberts, macadamia nuts, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds may be high in calories, but act as natural appetite suppressant. These nuts’ fat-to-carbohydrate ratio is so high, which leads to you eat fewer calories overall.

  1. 5.    Orange Pulpy Juice

As many dieters around the world already know, oranges are the supreme diet food. Oranges are so low in calories that the energy it takes to eat one of them most likely burns off all the citrus fruit’s calories. Moreover, oranges are a natural appetite suppressant.


Relying on the fruity help to suppress appetite is a handy and nutritious way to lose weight. Not only some fruits help you control your appetite but also make you healthy and active.


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