Do You Have A Body Image Disorder?

Introduction And Background
Everyone worries about their body a little too much these days, don’t you think? You often see the thinnest of people worrying about themselves while a fat person would think that they are of the perfect weight. While this may seem very confusing to some, it is quite a common practice to feel that way and although it is not healthy, it still occurs more than ever. This article will teach you about body image disorder, what exactly it is and how to recognize the signs and symptoms in another person or even your own self to acknowledge this disorder.

What Is A Body Image Disorder?
A body image disorder, as you can clearly tell by the name, is considered to be a disorder where the person does not think much of their body and always wants to do better, setting a negative impact on it. These people aim to achieve perfectionism and even if they are fit, do not seem to think so. They mostly criticize themselves in order to aim even higher and are generally never happy with the way things are turning out.

How To Know You Have A Body Image Disorder?
Well, there are quite a few signs and symptoms that you can catch in order to analyze whether or not you have a body image disorder. Here are a few which might give you an idea whether you have it or not:

  • Do you often look in the mirror, more than average and scrutinize every part of your body? Do you see yourself in a critical way whenever you cross the mirror, even if you are looking good? If this is the case, then you might have a body image disorder, causing yourself to look at it negatively.
  • Do you feel yourself commenting negatively about your body or even if everything is fine, making yourself work hard to find some error or something you’re not happy with? This generally happens a lot with those who have a negative body image disorder.
  • Another symptom that you can configure in your diagnosis is that if you envy a lot of people and constantly think about how perfect their body is as compared to your own, this also is a major diagnostic sign. Also constantly comparing yourself to other people and finding gratification in thinking that you’re better than them or feeling upset that your body is not as good looking as theirs is also a major sign.
  • If you have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia, then chances are that comes from you having a body image disorder because it is the most common pathway of developing these eating disorders.

What Causes Body Image Disorder?
There are many reasons as to what causes body image disorder. The first one on everyone’s list is probably the media because seeing such glamour and perfect bodies has ruined the image that everyone has of having a perfect body. While the models and actors work very hard and have even hired people to get them to have the perfect body and of course the camera fixes any imperfection there is, it has created a want of having such a body in a normal daily life with a normal routine which is becoming quite impossible. Another reason could also be peer pressure. If you belong to a group which is very slim and fit and if you are not like that, it does have an impact on you whatsoever and you begin to dislike how you look. There are also many people who are driven to work very hard such as athletes or actresses for an upcoming movie or performance and that too can drive them to believe their body is not worth it. Imagine hearing constantly from a person who is a body expert that you are no good? That can definitely have a negative impact on you.

Recognize The Fault
The only way to treat this disorder is to first recognize and accept that you do think this way and that it needs to stop. You do not need to take any medications but have to deal with it psychologically. Talk to people and be honest about it and learn to be comfortable in your own body.

It’s astonishing to see the number of people who have a body image disorder in the world of today. A perfectly healthy teenager would appear in the doctor’s office because she wants to look like the movie star that she adores and although she is underweight for her age, she wants to lose even more weight! It has such a bad effect on health and the organs development and can actually cause other diseases to come about, malnutrition being one of them.

30 Days To Melt Your Winter Waistline

Introduction And Background
Have you ever noticed that you might not feel as thirsty in wintertime as you do in the summers but the thing is, you feel like eating all the time? It happens to many and they need to understand the mechanism behind it that although wintertime is the perfect time to work out since you need the heat, why on Earth does your appetite grow in wintertime? And what can you possibly do about it to fit into your sweaters or dresses or even the jeans you got for special occasions? Well, read on further to figure out.

Why Do You Feel Hungrier In Winters?
There are two reasons as to why one feels a little hungrier than usual during wintertime. The thing is, in such cold climates and temperatures; your body has to maintain its own temperature as well and to keep it stable in order to sustain a normal environment inside. This is also why we often shiver in the cold, to generate heat for the body. Thus, eating and the food inside the stomach and the entire breakdown process also generates heat and this leads to feeling the need to eat during wintertime. Another reason that sustains is that no one drinks a lot of water during winters because it is cold and although our skin is dry and dehydrated, we still do not feel the need to gulp down any water. This leads to an empty stomach usually which leads to greater hunger pangs because believe it or not, water is quite a terrific appetite suppressant. When you don’t get enough of it, it will lead you to eat more to fill that empty stomach.

30 Days To Melt The Winter Waistline
Whether or not 30 days seem very little to you or they seem a lot to you, you still have to do the 30 days! This plan is actually divided into 3 with the division of 10 days each for each segment. This regime was devised recently actually and it works pretty well too, as long as you stick to it. Pretty soon, you’ll be burning that fat off the abdomen in no time, especially the men because that is the area where they store the most fat.

  • Day 1 to Day 10
    There is limited exercise in this segment which might come as a disappointment to those who are up for a lot of workouts and strenuous exercises in order to get things going at full speed ahead but you need to hold those horses a bit! Daily, you are supposed to do a morning workout of about twenty to sixty minutes. You can exceed an hour if you want but it really is not necessary, as long as it is above twenty minutes, you should be good. And the best thing is that you can pick the exercise you want to do. You can go for a light jog or the treadmill or even choose the elliptical bike for your workout. It all depends on what suits you and your routine better. You should even jot down your average heart beats during each exercise that you plan on doing during the time. This is the time that you have to burn the fat, no matter what way you do it.
  • Day 11 to Day 20
    This is the time that you actually have to build the body. The exercises get tougher from here onward because not only are you doing the fat burning exercises, but you also have to include a second segment of exercises in your daily routine as well. You have to do push-ups and pull ups and squats and even lunges in different reps and repeat the cycle two times. This would take a maximum of half an hour added more to your daily routine of burning fat.
  • Day 21 to Day 30
    This is the toughest time duration of the entire month and you will really have to up your game here. To the previous exercises, you will have to add an intense cardio workout as well. This will be another twenty minutes or so but this is just for ten days, you can do it! The cardio workout is outlined for you, you have to search for it but it consists of leg lifts and woodchoppers and bicycling of course.

With this routine, your winter waistline will soon become history and you won’t have to worry about looking good in that dress or wearing a shirt that is too tight because your flat stomach won’t be giving you any second thoughts about the wardrobe anymore! While the third segment can be tough, don’t let it put you off because by the time you reach that day, you’ll be pumped up to do more!


5 New Fat Burning Exercises

Introduction And Background
The name of the article might confuse because the brain consistently keeps thinking that any kind of exercise is going to burn fat, so what’s the deal with these new and improved exercises that keep coming up? Well, you should know the advantages of the new fat burning exercises before you get down to the actual exercises because one should always know why they’re doing what they’re doing. That is the only way to progress and this way, more people might accept new routines and new diets because with upcoming research and new methods that prove to be even more beneficial than before, they have to approach the public in the right manner!

How Do New Exercises Help More?
The thing that you have to understand is that new exercises are better designed and after some very thorough research and checking out results are they announced as brilliant new exercises. For example, in the olden times, people would only assume walking and jogging as some form of exercise. They would not know about planks or squats or any such exercises, not know the benefits behind such exercises. But of course, now if you want the stomach to go in you think about the planks and if you want to reduce fat from the lower region of the body, you think of squats. Hence, don’t be so negative towards new exercises immediately and do give them a chance. You never know, they might really help you out and the best news about them is that they burn more calories than the usual exercise which is something you really require!

New Fat Burning Exercises
New fat burning exercises are definitely something you should look into and practice because they might just end up be doing wonders for the body.

  1. The Manmaker
    For all the ladies out there, this might seem like a term invented by man for man but they are also welcome to do this exercise as it is designed for both genders and will profit both extremely. This is perhaps the only exercise out of the entire list of five which requires some kind of equipment. In this exercise, you are supposed to have dumbbells, two of them. While holding a dumbbell to the ground in a position to do the push-ups and then after doing push-ups on the dumbbells, sit up and imagine you’re rowing a boat with those dumbbells. In the end, you have to do a front squat with them. This is a terrific fat burning exercise.
  2. The Breakdance Push-up
    This is an interesting exercise that you could do and don’t let the name turn you away, you don’t even have to know how to breakdance in order to workout in this manner. Firstly, you have to position yourself on the ground in a supine position. Lift yourself up with the arms and the legs and form a bridge, the face facing the sky. Then, you have to turn to the side with one arm and leg in the air and do a push-up and then turn over and do it with the other arm and leg. You can do as many sets as you please, the more you do the more fat you burn!
  3. Sox Squat
    This name might sound a little funny to you but it’s new and it’s exciting! This exercise is done by many men and women and they are certainly happy with the results. Everyone knows how to do a squat. You bent down in the sitting position as if on a chair and stay in the air for a few seconds before going up and repeating the process. In a sox squat, the difference will be your shoulders pulled backwards and your arms in front while doing a squat, levelled into a 90 degree position.
  4. Skater Squat
    This is a little difficult to understand by words but the exercise is not as difficult to do. Hence, it is better that you watch a video of how a person does skater squat in order to follow it, now that you know the name you can easily look it up!
  5. Hip Hinge
    Take your arms across your chest and lean forward, keeping your back completely straight. There will come a point where you cannot go down anymore and your hamstrings face tightening. Once you have reached that point, you have to use your butt power by tightening them and pulling yourself backward into the position that you started with. While this exercise might take some time getting used to, it definitely helps in burning fat!

New exercises are always harder to try out and accept but as said above, newer things are better developed and come after a lot of research.


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